Royal Highlands Bike Club

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Next Meeting:  Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Zoom only, 4:00 PM EDT

The Royal Highlands Bicycle Club is located in Leesburg, Florida.  Royal Highlands is a 55+ community located off Highway 27.

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Our bike club has a community ride every Saturday morning and on all even-numbered weekdays.  We meet at our Great Hall at 8 AM (9 in winter) and ride our community roads.  We encourage all Royal Highlands residents to come out and ride with us.  After our Saturday morning rides, we have breakfast at the Crown and Shield, our community's restaurant, which is located at the Monarch Golf Club. (Breakfast currently suspended during pandemic.) We also have weekly trail rides on local trails.   We car pool and depart from the Great Hall.  The dates and times are on our Calendar (accessible to members only).

Contact Us

If you wish to contact the Royal Highlands Bicycle Club, please email our President Mike Schumacher at 

[email protected]

Membership Policy

All Royal Highlands residents are welcome to join RHBIKE at any time.  Our yearly (December 31) dues are $5 per household.  Full year dues are paid at the time of joining (not prorated) and each January thereafter.  Dues are paid to the Treasurer in cash or check payable to RHPOA.  If membership has not been renewed by the end of the February monthly meeting, the membership expires.   The RHBIKE club membership and e-mail lists will be purged of non-members shortly after the February monthly meeting. 

Only resident members may serve as officers.



1)  As of 12-31-08, a non-resident member in good standing (dues paid)may continue to

be a RHBIKE club member. Yearly dues are the same as for Royal Highlands residents.  Non-resident members whose membership expires lose this special exception.

2)  During  RHBIKE club monthly meetings any bicycle club member may sponsor and nominate a non-Royal Highland resident over 18 years old to be a RHBIKE club member. A majority of the members present must vote approval for the nominee to become an RHBIKE club member. Dues are 2 times the dues for Royal Highlands resident members.

3)  A club member in good standing (dues paid) that moves out of Royal Highlands will remain a club member until December 31 of the current year.


Member Responsibility:

1)  Each member is encouraged to take an active part in the club such as, but not limited to:

 officer, committee member, web master, photographer, etc.

2)  Each member riding a bicycle is encouraged to practice good riding including, but not limited to:

a)  wearing a helmet,

b)  practicing safe riding skills, including using verbal and/or hand signals,

c)  refraining from riding on sidewalks, and

d)  refraining from riding the wrong way in the Rec Center parking lot.