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Pinellas 2021

Posted by tadxyz on March 19, 2021 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Pinellas Trip - April 13-15, 2020

Getting there:


We will meet at the Great Hall at 8:50 AM on Tuesday. We will leave about 9:00 and drive to the parking area in Starkey Park. To get there take Rte 50 to I75 and head south. Take Exit 285 onto Rt 52W. Follow 52W for 17 mi to a left turn onto Moon Lake Rd. After 7 mi turn left onto Starkey Blvd. followed by the next left onto Wilderness Park Rd. The trip is about 80 miles and should take about 1:40, so we should get there by 10:45. As we drive into the park we will stop at the first available pavilion for our picnic lunch.


Day 1

We will ride back out of the park and head south on the bike path along the east side of Starkey Blvd., cross Rte 54 and follow the new trail section as far as Keystone Rd. After returning to the park those who wish to ride further in the park are encouraged to do so. (It's about 6.4 miles to the Suncoast, one-way.) After returning to the cars drive on to the the hotel on your own.


The quickest way to the hotel is to head south on Starkey, west on 54 for 1.3 mi, left onto Little Rd for 1.3 mi, right onto Mitchell Blvd (which eventually becomes E Lake Rd) for 11.5 mi, right onto Curlew (Rt 586) for 4.4 mi, then left onto Alt 19 for 2.5 mi to the hotel.


Map Links: (Starkey Blvd trail) (new section),-82.5862084,5490m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e3 (Park Trail; turn bicycling option on in menu)



Total distance: 20 mi + extra mileage in Starkey Park

Facilities: There are restrooms in several restaurants and a gas station near Rte 54 and at the Trailhead in Starkey park.


Wine & cheese party: 5:30 TBD Maybe?

Dinner: We'll walk to dinner. Restaurant TBD.



Day 2

Meet in parking lot at 9:00 AM. Ride north on Pinellas Trail approx 7.2 mi to Wall Springs Pk. We'll stop here for a bit and check out the springs and observation tower. Continue north to Tarpon Springs. At the intersection with Live Oak St. turn left and go about 4 blocks to the Tarpon Springs City Marina building where we can lock up the bikes. It is 11.25 miles to the marina. Those who want to complete the connection with the previous day's ride can go right at Live Oak to continue on the main trail on out along Keystone Rd


After lunch ride back to the trail and straight back to the hotel, another 11.25 miles. You might want to stop at the primate sanctuary right by the trail after crossing Klosterman Rd.


Map Links: (Hotel-Tarpon Springs) (Extra miles out Keystone)


Total distance: 22.5 miles + 13 miles for the round trip out Keystone

Facilities: Wall Springs Park, Tarpon Springs


Afternoon activities: Lounging, shopping, etc

Wine & cheese party, Part Deux: See above.

Dinner: We'll walk to dinner. Restaurant TBD.



Day 3

Drive to the Carpenter Sports Complex (651 Old Coachman Rd). We will first ride south on the Duke Energy Trail as far as Belleair Rd and return. Then ride east on the Ream Wilson Trail to Safety Harbor and return.


Lunch at Lucky Dill Deli (optional).

Drive to lunch at the Lucky Dill Deli. Go south on Old Coachman, turn left onto Drew and left onto Route 19. Go 7.5 mi to a u-turn at Nebraska Ave. The Lucky Dill will be on your right.


Map Links: ( Duke) ( Ream Wilson)


Total distance: Duke: 5.1 mi RT; Ream Wilson: 9.0 RT

Facilities: Pier in Safety Harbor.

Back friendly road bike modification

Posted by tadxyz on June 12, 2020 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

My recent neck problems had me ready to give up riding my road bike again. Then, in a moment of inspiration, I came up with a simple, inexpensive change that not only allows me to continue riding it but is probably the most comfortable riding position of any bike I have ever ridden. Simply rotate the drop handlebars upside down and slide the shift levers out to the ends of the bars.

My riding position is leaning about 15 degrees from vertical, almost straight up, with hands in a neutral position (as opposed to a straight handlbar where the hands are rotated 90 degrees.

To make this modification you need to:

1. Remove any handlebar tape to free up all 4 cables.

2. Lift the hoods up from the bottom far enough to expose the bolt (probably hex key) that tightens the clamp that holds the shift lever in place. Loosen it just enough to be able to slide the lever out almost to the end of the bar.

3. Loosen the 4 bolts holding the handlebars to the stem. Rotate the bars by moving the drops forward and up til they are upside down and tighten them loosely.

4. Finish positioning the shift levers by making sure the lever to clear the end of the bar when shifting and braking. When you have a good position, tighten the clamp down securely.

5. Adjust the handlebars to the desired position and tighten them down to the stem securely. Test ride and tweak as needed.

The only real possible gotcha is that 1 or 2 of the cables might not be long enough. As you can see in the picture, mine were long enough to work just fine, but not long enough to tape down nice and neatly like they had been. If you don't mind that (I don't) then you should be fine. Or you can get longer cables.

Tom D